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A positive update from the Boris Johnson gives us all hope of holidaying at Haven sometime soon. The update suggest that English Haven sites may be available from 12th April, with Scotland sites yet to be confirmed and Wales rulings not to be announced until 12th March. An official update from Haven has not been announced at this time, but is expected in the coming days.

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Not only will haven be announcing when it will be open for holidaymakers, but there will be further details regarding the onsite facilities available and the process of booking them and any activities if available. Once these details have been confirmed, they will be summarised on this site.

This site is not run by Haven, but is always looking to get the latest information and bring it together in an  easy to view format, so we will continue to do that and update information where necessary, as well as adding new features in the future.

The below information and links can be used and will be updated when possible, but always check with the Haven park you are due to visit if you are unsure or need to question this.

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The check-in process for 2021 Season has not been confirmed just yet, but it is expected to follow a similar process to the end of the 2020 season. Access to sites has changed as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions to ensure that Haven understand who is staying on site at any one time for the Track and Trace process. 


If you have booked your stay privately via an owner rather than direct with Haven, it is vital that the owner has booked you in for arrival. These details will need to include an email address and contact number, your arrival date and estimated time, all adults names, number of people staying and a registration plate of any vehicles.

With these details, the security at your park will grant access and give you full details on what to do next and how to access the caravan that you will be staying in. If the person you have booked with has not asked you for the details, please contact them before you start your journey.

'Stay & Play' vs 'Stay'

Booking direct with Haven is different this year, giving you the option to book with or without the entertainment access.

Both options provide Self-Catering accommodation as well as access to restaurants and take-aways (subject to Covid 19 restrictions), but 'Stay & Play' includes access to the following extras (again, subject to Covid 19 restrictions and availability).

  • Swimming Pool

  • Entertainment Venues

  • Access to activities (although some activities may have an additional charge)

For full details, visit Havens website.


There is still some way to go until Haven holidays can return with the facilities that you may be used to; Entertainment, Swimming Pools, Arcades, Activities, Restaurants and Pubs may still be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and this can change your holiday experience.

Depending upon where the Haven park is located, there may be different rules on what facilities are available, but you can check what facilities are scheduled to be open for your stay using the following link. It should be noted though, that this is subject to change.

Even if some of the facilities are not available at the time of your stay, there is no need to worry. Haven Hideaway Holidays are ideally located so that you can still take in breath-taking scenery from around the UK. Beautiful beaches, coastlines and cliffs, as well as nearby countryside can give you that escape that you need whilst still following government guidelines and being safe.

Important Note: Facilities and activities may now require booking in advance and

have limited availability. So as you approach your holiday date, ensure that you

check and book, if you are wanting to make use of these.

  • Swimming and other activities can be booked via the Haven App, which can be downloaded in advance.

  • For evening entertainment, this can be booked 3 days in advance of your stay via www.Haven.com/food. First select your Haven Park, and then scroll down below the restaurants and select 'Haven Table Bookings'

Fun Passes

If you have booked your Caravan privately or if you have booked a 'Stay' option, you should be aware that you may not have access to all of the onsite facilities that may be open, such as entertainment venues, swimming pools and more.

Fun Passes may be available and give you access to the daytime and evening entertainment and swimming pools (depending upon the availability due to the Covid 19 status), without these passes, you cannot access these areas of the park.

However, it should be noted that even with a fun pass, these facilities may need to be booked in advance and are subject to availability.

The Fun Pass Prices and availability has not yet been confirmed, but the details will be added as soon as it is. It is not known at this time whether the prices will revert back to the original price per person setup, or whether it will be a price per caravan like the end of the previous season.

Restaurants, Pubs and Entertainment Venues

It is unclear whether restaurants will or will not be open in the usual way due to Covid 19, they may be offering take-away options, and even delivery to your van for some restaurants. In order to make this process as simple and safe as possible, a new website has been developed to allow you to browse and order food, with an option for delivery (not always available) or collection at a chosen time.

To browse the food options, make an order or reserve a table at a restaurant or entertainment venue,

just use this link or got to www.Haven.com/food

Note: If attending an entertainment venue, then the 'Haven Serve' app should be downloaded to

order and drinks and bar snacks.

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