Haven and Covid-19

It's been a long time coming, but Haven parks are now open throughout the UK, but maybe not as you know them. Covid-19 forced holiday parks to close for a number of months and they have now been granted permission to reopen, but with strict guidelines to follow to ensure everybody remains as safe as possible during their stay.

Extra cleaning, one-way and queuing systems, a different check-in process, as well as the restrictions on facilities have been introduced by Haven in order to follow government guidance and keep people safe.


The below links shows all the latest news from Haven which includes information about how Covid-19 is affecting haven and your stay.


The check-in process has changed as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions to ensure that Haven understand who is staying on site at any one time for the Track and Trace process. 


If you have booked your stay privately via an owner rather than direct with Haven, it is vital that the owner has booked you in for arrival. These details will need to include an email address and contact number, your arrival date and estimated time, all adults names, number of people staying and a registration plate of any vehicles.

With these details, the security at your park will grant access and give you full details on what to do next and how to access the caravan that you will be staying in. If the person you have booked with has not asked you for the details, please contact them before you start your journey.


There is still some way to go until Haven holidays can return with the facilities that you may be used to; Entertainment, Swimming Pools, Arcades, Activities, Restaurants and Pubs may still be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and this can change your holiday experience.

Depending upon where the Haven park is located, there may be different rules on what facilities are available, but you can check what facilities are scheduled to be open for your stay using the following link. It should be noted though, that this is subject to change.

Restaurants and Pubs

Although restaurants may not be open in the usual way, they may be offering take-away options, and even delivery to your van for some restaurants. In order to make this process as simple and safe as possible, a new website has been developed to allow you to browse and order food, with an option for delivery (not always available) or collection at a chosen time.

To browse the food options or make an order, just follow the link below:

Even if some of the facilities are not available at the time of your stay, there is no need to worry. Haven Hideaway Holidays are ideally located so that you can still take in breath-taking scenery from around the UK. Beautiful beaches, coastlines and cliffs, as well as nearby countryside can give you that escape that you need whilst still following government guidelines and being safe.

At this time, there are no further details on when Fun Passes will be available to purchase again, but once they are available, you can find details and prices within the Fun Pass Page

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